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Friday, 8 March 2013

A Change is as good as a....

Thought it was about time I changed the layout here at Tomleecee towers. I was toying with the idea of migrating this festering barrel of putridity over to Blogger's more attractive cousin Wordpress, but the complexity of such an operation, while simple in theory, is far beyond my fairly basic grasp of internetting*.

Actually, it probably isn't - but I'm using that as an excuse because i simply (as ever) cannot be fucking bothered. If there was a button that said "change all this shit to Wordpress. Now," then I'd more than likely press it...but there isn't, so I can't. And ergo, this drivel will be staying where it currently resides...on Blogger. So there you go. Not a proper post by any stretch of the imagination (you'll probably have to wait until Sunday (or maybe tomorrow) to read about my exploits with the N64)**, ^but I'm sure you'll all survive. Hopefully. Forrest Gump is on in a bit and I need a beer, so see you Sunday. Or tomorrow.

*This may or may not be an actual word.
**Check out the brackets within brackets. I'm a regular Douglas Adams. Kind of.
^Not really sure what the grammatical conventions are when using asterisks after brackets but before commas.