Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Self Improvement

I recently booked myself onto one of those courses that teach you how to teach other (non-English speaking) people how to speak English. It's going to cost me close to £300 when it's all paid for, but it's something I've been interested in for a while so thought "fuck it," and rang them. The actual course is called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language - er, I think), it lasts for 3 days and it basically shows you how to construct lesson plans and give people with a basic grasp of English a bit of tutoring on how to improve their skills. The main thing about this course that interests me is the opportunity to travel to the Far East and Europe to teach once you've gained the qualification - something I'd love to do.

One of my friends has a brother who did this and he now lives in the heart of Tokyo, teaching fit Japanese birds dressed as schoolgirls and Jet Set Radio characters (I'd imagine). My jealousy can hardly be contained.

You may think this is a bit strange, what with me being in the Royal Navy and all, but to be honest I'm probably going to leaving the service in the near future. Tried it, (really, really) didn't like it - nothing more to say on the subject really...apart from "roll on freedom."

And to be frank, the fact that I'm going on this TEFL course and that I've got plans for the future is the only thing keeping me going through these dark Navy days.

In other news, I think I'm going to skip the gym and do something enjoyable tonight - like drink a few beers and play on the 360. Possibly. There's only so many times you can spend an evening waiting for the treadmill or queuing up for a go on the peck deck whilst a load of moronic Marines grunt and flex around you. Last night was just like this, and as I sat there surrounded by guys pumping their impractically large forearms in mirrors, a line from Fight Club popped into my head: "self improvement is masturbation. Now, self destruction..."

At that point I left the gym, downed a bottle of Smirnoff and cooked up a hit...
...I wish.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Adventures in Newcastle (Brown Ale)

Well I finally moved into my new gaff at the weekend, and to be honest it all went pretty smoothly. It only took me two car journeys to haul all my shit across town from my previous abode to my new place, so after I moved and sort of arranged my effects into some sort of coherent 'pile,' I went down the gym. And that's where I lay the downfall of the rest of my weekend...

Later on Saturday (after getting up at the crack of dawn, moving house, slogging it out in the gym and practically eating nothing all day), I went into town to meet some friends who were out celebrating a birthday. I started drinking Newcastle Brown Ale at 2pm. I was back in my living room, unable to walk or talk by 10pm that night after being put in a taxi by mates who were drinking such piss as Budweiser and Foster's - by the 330ml bottle I hasten to add. So to them I say this - YOU were drinking minute amounts of piss-water. I, on the other hand was downing pint bottles of Hell's own beverage. Newkie Brown - separates the men from the boys.

Apparently, I rocked up to the house with a bottle of wine (where I got it from, I still don't know) and drank it with one of my new housemates. I have vague flashbacks of this and I must've looked like a complete fuckwit spouting forth all kinds of incoherent shite to the guy. Bear in mind that this was the first time we'd met since I moved into what is effectively his house and you can see my concern. Unbeknown to me until the following afternoon, I'd also knocked over a rather large glass of the aforementioned vino tinto. All over the spotless beige carpet.

I awoke on Sunday morning with a raging hangover, unable to recall: a) how I'd got home; b) whether I'd eaten a kebab (something I plan never to do again after hearing about the recent investigation into the nutritional values of said post-pub lard-a-thon); or c) if I'd done/said anything to offend my new housemate.

You know that feeling where you can't remember if you've done something terrible whilst drunk? That's how I felt for most of Sunday. I had this disgusting knot in the pit of my stomach that was hinting that I'd carried out some heinous act of ignorance and stupidity whilst intoxicated the previous evening...but I simply couldn't recall what. It didn't help that my nose hurt (had I been fighting? with my housemate? Surely not!) and upon texting various friends about my activity I hadn't had a single reply by 6pm that evening. It must've been bad - whatever it was that I'd done.

Imagine my relief when my housemate called me saying that Saturday night had been a top laugh and all I'd done was spilt some wine. It was akin to a scenario in which the Grim Reaper opens your bedroom door whilst you're having a wank and tells you your time is up, before looking at his Blackberry, explaining that there's been a mix up and that you can carry on bashing one out over the lingerie pages of last season's Argos catalogue in peace. I was that relieved.

Oh, and I didn't throw up, piss or shit in my new room either - which is always a bonus.